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Make It : Easter Surprise Balls!

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Surprise balls are an easy -to-make cute addition to an Easter basket, and a fun way to receive treats and toys. They're made by wrapping crepe paper streamers or strips around little toys and candy, adding more treats as you wrap the streamers around and around. These bunny surprise balls, designed by the brilliant Athena Preston, are our in our current issue.

You can make the crepe strips easily by cutting the top 3/4 inch right off a full crepe paper fold. (see above). Put a dot of hot glue on the strips to join them together, or use a roll of crepe paper streamers.

I came up with a few other Easter-y surprise balls while working on our story. The chick below was made by creating a ball as we did for the bunny, and adding a smaller wadded up piece of crepe paper  for the head. I tucked a tiny toy in it and taped the "head" to the ball. I then wrapped more crepe strips around them both to join them.

After wrapping I put a dot of hot glue on the end of the strip and tacked it down. I made tiny hole-punched circles for the eyes and an orange card stock beak and two feet and attached them with white glue. If you look closely you will see that i glued a tiny yellow crepe paper triangle for the tail.

This chick (above) is an easier version. Simply make a ball and glue on a cardstock beak and eyes.

And even easier are these Easter Egg surprise balls. Squeeze the middle as you wrap, and wrap a bit more in the middle to to get the oblong shape.

Do you remember Blake's Crepe Paper Carrots from last year? I love these!

See how she used crepe paper streamers? (below) So easy!

I'll be demoing the bunnies, carrots, and a few other Easter crafts this Thursday morning in the 9 am hour EST on the Today Show if you'd like to see them in action.

Happy Easter!!!!

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  • where do you buy crepe paper? What is a good online source??

  • Crafter Comment:

    Hi Tara, and are two great online sources!

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