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Inspiration Board : Crafting Playlist

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I have been downloading a bunch of new music lately .  It is so convenient and immediate but I have to say I miss having physical CD's and Album covers - better for the planet of course but I do enjoy them,  especially the clever ones.  Here are some that I really like.  Oh - my playlist is also below - just in case.

Chris Tarry's "Rest of the Story" jazz CD was designed by Rethink in Canada.

This one won a Grammy in 2001 for  best Boxed Recording Package.  It is made of aluminum.

A Lithuanian band called Shidlas had this designed by Mother Eleganza for their Salami Postmodern album

This album sleeve by GGRP actually transforms into a record player that you control!

This CD package was also designed by Rethink for the band Vonnegut Dollhouse

This Grammy nominated pop-up book style CD package was designed by Renee Jablow  for the Ditty Bops.

I love this combination of floppy disk and CD designed by Adam Faja

Just in case you are interested here is a playlist of what I have been downloading.


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