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Celebrate : Happy Memorial Day!

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Happy Memorial Day! How are you celebrating this important day?

However you're spending today - honoring friends and family members, attending a Memorial Day parade or BBQ - we hope at least part of your day off involves being outside (pray for nice weather!), so below are some great ideas for outdoor entertaining.

Shaded String Lights how-to.

Vellum shields how-to.

Nautical themed garland how-to.

These quick party tricks add something special (and pretty!) to your outdoor fete:

Athena's flower straws are the perfect accessory for your summer drink.

Great trick with cupcake papers for keeping bugs away!

Silke's mats are great for outdoor tables.

So are her dyed cups and bowls - I'd love a scoop of ice cream in mine...

See all of our outdoor party ideas here. Happy long weekend from all of us here in the Crafts Department!

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  • Before you "celebrate" Memorial Day, please commemorate the day first.
    If you don't attend an early memorial service or parade, please just take a few moments to observe the purpose of the day: to show appreciation to all those who have died for us, to preserve our freedom, and to enjoy a pleasant, peaceful weekend with friends and family.

  • with the martha show being cancelled by hallmark, and martha having the new cooking school show on pbs starting in the fall, there needs to be a crafts show to take up the empty space that is left. martha has always done crafts of some sort on most of her shows...will there be a new martha crafts show in the works? the daily show will truly be missed!

  • Crafter Comment:

    Thank you for reminding us all of the meaning of the day, Morag - we appreciate it!

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