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Inspiration Board : Our Favorite Craft Room Bins

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Our Craft Room is chock-full of bins. Hundreds of bins: paint bins, yarn bins, bins for every supply and material you could imagine. (Or couldn't imagine even if you tried: Cookie cutters! Dremel bits! Pots and pans! Glow-sticks! to name a few...)

Today I thought we'd showcase a few of our favorite bins and why.

Silke's favorite bins are the "Embroidery Floss" bins:

"I love embroidery floss for for it's wide range of colors. They are great when I'm working with color palettes for stories. Aside from embroidering, I've used the floss to make tassels and even wrapped packages with them. Not to mention, they are really affordable and high-quality."

Blake's favorite bin is "Sequins!"

"I love sequins for their different shapes, sizes and colors. Seeing them all together in one place just makes me happy!"

Jodi's favorite bin is our "Paper Bag" bin:

"I collect paper bags so it's always fun to rifle through the different colors. I have really special bags from trips I've taken over the years, but I equally love the basic brown bag (which we have in so many fun sizes - I especially love the teeny ones!)"

My favorite bin is the "Pressed Flowers" bin - it's such a fun experience to peel back stacks of sheets revealing now flattened leaves and flowers someone else plucked from outside to save. We even found and used some pretty, delicate pressed leaves on our botanical eggs this past Easter.

How do you organize your supplies and materials? We'd love to hear!

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  • I like my bins that have see thru lids the best and have "stamp pads", stickers etc in them. I keep my embroidery floss and buttons in metal boxes meant for nuts and bolts. I organize the drawers by color. My fabric is in "see thru" bins too and organized by color. The need to put everything in one spot, is my problem, so I don't have to walk around my basement. I haven't figured out if I want everything stacked on the floor or shelves. Maybe I'll figure that out someday.

  • i am stitching a lot and lived in asia for a long time, so i decided to use one chinese medicine cabinets as a place for the dmc floss. I would like to attach a picture but i think it is not possible....

  • Crafter Comment:

    That sounds great - you can e-mail us a photo at the

  • I love this post, and I love, love, love bins (and storing all different bits and bobs' worth of craft supplies in them). As I only have a very small work space, bins save so much time and make it so much easier to find everything as well as keeping all the little bits and bobs away from curious little cats' paws. Thanks for sharing!

  • I was constantly watching the tv program ... everything you do very nice ... very nice program .. Greetings from Turkey .. I love to do crafts ......Congratulations ... I wish you continued success ..SEVİM ECİR..

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