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Make It : Puff Paint Earrings

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Today's guest post comes from the fabulous Evie S:

I'm excited to share with you all an idea to make loads of earrings in all your favorite spring colors for just pennies a pair, using puff paint. This oft overlooked form of paint is usually in the category of tacky, but this project gives puff paint a bold and beautiful new use. Plus it's just so fun to say!

If you are intimidated about molding clay into those perfect dome shapes, this is the project for you. The paint does all the work for you without molds or hand shaping.

Here are the instructions - it's so simple!

Gather your materials. You will need two earring posts, a bottle of white puff paint ($2 at Michael's), craft paint + paint brush, basic household aluminum foil, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Start by dropping paint in a big glob onto your aluminum foil. Go at it slightly from the side so you don't have a little mountain in the middle of your large drop of paint. make as many as you want. Allow to dry for 16-24 hours.

Cut out your dried drops of paint, they should be hard by now. Carefully trim any foil around the drop. Hot glue your earring post on the back.

Paint to your hearts content. I used two coats of Martha Stewart Crafts multi-purpose paint. Allow to dry.

Marvel at your super easy and inexpensive earrings.

Thanks, Evie!

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