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Make It : Summer necklaces for (little) girls

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As a mother of 2 boys, I use any excuse to make something pretty for a sweet little girl (not that my boys aren't sweet, but pretty isn't exactly in their vocabulary, let alone their wardrobe). So for the 4th birthday of a little friend of mine, I wanted to make a necklace ... the day sort of came upon me too fast, so I looked around my craft room to see what I could make quickly without a trip to the craft store. A piece of Liberty of London fabric + some left over dyed beads = 2 little necklaces (in 30 minutes)

All you need to do is tear the fabric into three 3/8"  strips across it's width. Knot them together and start braiding. When finished braiding, string some wood beads onto your 'necklace'. No need to knot in between, the rough wood doesn't slide around on the fabric. Knot the end of your braiding and tie together.

Now, of course there is no reason, why a 'big' girl wouldn't want to wear this necklace as well. Or, if the Liberty fabric is just a little too sweet, this works well with other fabrics also ... even without beads.

Remember this for a more grown up version ?! Now - summer ( yeah !!) -  is the perfect time to wear (and make) one (or more).

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