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Meet : Danny Seo

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Danny Seo is author of the Upcycling book series including "Upcycling" and the upcoming "Upcycling Celebrations." The book series celebrates the idea of taking something you would normally discard and elevating it to a new level by making it more beautiful and functional in three steps or less.

I'm also the founder of Danny Seo Media Ventures and we have a line of home products under the Danny Seo label sold at stores like HomeGoods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx ranging from bedding to furniture to lamps and cookware. Everything is made with sustainability and style in mind.

I share the same birthday with Earth Day (April 22), so the environment has always had a major role in my life.

I live in Bucks County, Pennsylvania and I bought a mid-century modern house in the woods about 3 years ago. Renovated it top to bottom. The home belonged to a fine artist who had this built-in desk created to hold his art supplies. It's now my crafting station and the drawers are filled with every possible crafting tool you can imagine.

I covered the top with a recycled counter-top called IceStone (from Brooklyn) made from crushed glass and concrete. The walls are covered in floor to ceiling fabric covered homasote boards, where I tack on inspiration photos and also create mood boards. Whenever we're shooting a new book, it's all laid out on the boards so each project, chapter and photo can be seen all at once. So helpful.

Some of my favorite upcycling projects include one I just created for the Korean translation edition of my book where I took dried seaweed wrappers and duck tape and made a reusable bag.

I also love the project where I took old tennis balls and threaded them to make an outdoor swing. It is literally hanging in the woods behind my house right now.

And one product we sell at HomeGoods right now is our ceramic drippy pot planters. They literally are created from actual drippy paint cans I found at the house and had them manufactured in Portugal. Love them.

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