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Inspiration Board : refreshing teacher's gift

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During my annual search for ideas for what to give as teacher's gifts, I didn't go far - I asked my son what makes him think of summer : no school of course, ice cream (well, I did that already), the beach, ice cold lemonade ...  At this time of year we can all use a cool drink and I'm guessing teachers especially need to refresh.

So we decided on giving them a lemonade kit. Fresh lemons are of course best, but there's nothing wrong with a quick spoon full of the powder stuff in water cooled down with fun shaped ice cubes, served in a pretty pitcher, sipped with fun striped straws. Done.

I hope everyone has a chance to refresh over the summer. See you in September (though my kids are finished with elementary school now, so no more teachers gifts ... sort of sad.)

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  • Although there are more teachers that teach your child in middle and high school it still would be nice to do teacher gifts. One of my favorite gifts the last week of school from one of my students was a fresh apple... "And it is already washed so you can eat it anytime you want!" :-) Teachers of all grade levels appreciate any "thank you" big or small.

  • I agree with Andrea. It makes me really sad that teachers think that only elementary teachers need to be thanked! I only had 2 parents recognize me on Teacher Appreciation Day. Encouraging your kid to make a handmade card or an email saying that you appreciate how hard we work is cheap, or free! I've never seen the fine print on Teacher Appreciation day saying K-5.


  • Crafter Comment:

    oh, by no means did I mean that teachers in the higher schools don't need to be thanked (quite frankly teaching that age group deserves all the thanks you can get !). Our PTO organizes a teachers appreciation lunch for all the teachers at the middle school and I always make sure to bring in many home made goodies for that. It was more about the (slightly elaborate) kits I've put together the past years. I can't possibly bring those in for 8 teachers (or 16 with 2 kids). But I do love Andrea's idea of the apple. Maybe with a handmade tag in the shape of a leaf with a note of thanks ... now that I can do. Thanks for the idea. And thank you to all you teachers at all age levels.

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