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Inspiration Board : Reviving Camp Crafts

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If you have a July issue of Living, you may have seen these updated "camp crafts" made with brightly colored lanyard (aka gimp, boondoggle etc)-

For a modern "camp" feel, we painted birch hooks white (from Vermont Branch Company), and used them to display the necklaces.

This close-up of the bangles give you a better look at the different patterns made by simply wrapping the lanyard around the leather bracelet-

The necklaces couldn't be easier to make- so I whipped up a bunch before picking my four favorites for the shot-

Add a summer-camp vibe to your desk top with some laced accessories-

 Another childhood craft made new with neon is Atsuyo et Akiko's Pasta Miracles necklace...

 and garland- how fun!

What is the most nostalgic childhood craft for you?  And what kind of crafting will you be doing this summer?

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  • i remember doing all the pasta arts and crafts, but i love the idea of making the pasta neon! i really like the garland idea...ill probably do that with my kids this coming weekend. this summer, my goal is to finally finish that darn scrapbook!!


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