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Celebrate : Birthday Picnic in the Park

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Hi everyone! I'm Dani, the Crafts Dept. summer intern. I'm a rising senior at the Rhode Island School of Design and I'm loving spending the summer in NYC and crafting at Martha Stewart Living!

One of the biggest things on my personal summer checklist was to have a big picnic in Central Park. Picnics are just the best way to take advantage of beautiful weather, the great outdoors, be in good company, and obviously enjoy tons of yummy food! Luckily, my best friend's birthday was in late June and my present to her was organizing a big picnic with all of her friends and family.

The birthday girl has an obsession with old-fashioned bicycles and the color coral, so that made the theme and color palette easy to nail down! Central Park in the middle of the summer is HOT, so I made a bunch of pretty fans to keep the picnic-ers cool and breezy.

We claimed the shade of a big tree in the park by stringing up a few garlands made out of tissue paper bows and string. Everyone had a great time hanging out on the blankets and noshing on snacks that friends had brought.

The last crafts for the picnic were envelopes and cards that got passed out to everyone. I used a woodblock to carve and stamp a bicycle on each envelope and used a Chartpak blender marker to transfer all the text. Each card had a different silly question about the birthday girl on it and guests scribbled their answers on the back (or in some cases, drew a diagram) before giving them back to me. The cards are going to be bound into a book for Minali to keep and remember her awesome birthday picnic, once I get around to doing it.

It was a lot of work, but the picnic was so much fun and everyone had a lovely afternoon relaxing in the park. I definitely recommend using any excuse you can to have a picnic; it's a summer staple and there's so much you can do for it! Anyway, I've got to get back to work in the craft room here at MSL. If you want, you can check out my other work here and keep in touch! See ya in the next intern post!


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  • This is beautiful! Great work.

  • I just love the silly questions idea. I am thinking about doing this for an upcoming party. Would you please post a picture of the bound book once it is finished. That's for the inspiration!

  • Love the fans - so retro, but practical. The color scheme is great and the cards were a fantastic idea. As a crafter, I think this is a great idea!

  • Wow! What a great party. Can I hire you to plan a party for me? Loved the cards with the questions for guests to answer; what a nice book that will be for your friend to read years from now.

  • Terrific way to celebrate with friends for a fun day or evening - your ideas are where it is at today. You can do my birthday any time. Keep the good ideas flowing.

  • What a talented young lady you are! Thank you for sharing this lovely event on your blog.

  • Great ideas! A picnic in the park sounds lovely! I think you should try a picnic in several areas around New York and see what other themes come up. MSL is lucky to have you as an intern. I loved the fans, by the way!

  • Lucky Best Friend! I love the laid-back yet very organized vibe - not easy to achieve in the heat of summer with a big group! The books is an incredibly clever idea - something to have and hold forever. Nicely done !

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