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Celebrate : Christmas in July!

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Have you heard of "Christmas in July"? Well, aside from the 1940 movie Christmas In July, and the fact that we actually do work on our holiday stories in the summer months here in the Crafts Department, we weren't quite sure exactly what it meant.

Now we do! In the Southern Hemisphere, winter weather falls right smack in the middle of July. In order to have a "wintery" Christmas, people in countries such as Australia and New Zealand have a celebration in July- often a get-together with friends and family, sometimes even exchanging small gifts. Years ago, people in the Northern Hemisphere also began to throw parties to pay tribute to Christmas in warmer weather.

To honor this spirited tradition, we're gearing up for a week-long "Christmas in July" theme here on the blog! Stay tuned for craft, food and decorating ideas that are sure to cool you off.

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