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Make It : Easiest Thank You Notes Ever!

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We recently threw a sixth birthday party for my younger son (a science-themed party, which I posted about here on the Living Blog). He was lucky to celebrate with 20 of his dear friends--and get as many wonderful gifts. But, because I like my kids to be involved in the thank-you note writing, I was worried that so many cards would take forever!
During the party we took photo-booth style photos of the kids in lab coats using an app called Pocketbooth. I wanted to include the pictures in the thank you notes but was not looking forward to printing and trimming them all. I decided to send them digitally and remembered our CraftStudio App. I realized that making cards on the app might make thank-you note writing more fun! Like most kids, mine love any excuse for "screen time"!

I asked my older son if he would help his brother make his thank you notes and they were both excited. I gave them the list of who-gave-what and my  older son typed up the messages as his brother dictated them. They got completely engrossed and did all twenty notes with no complaints!! They had fun picking colors and backgrounds. My only involvement was vetoing a fancy script that they chose and insisting on a more readable font that my son's five and six-year-old friends would be able to read.

When they finished the notes I emailed them to all the families, which took no time at all (and--bonus--saved paper and postage!)  No-nag thank-you notes. I think this will be a new tradition for us!

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