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Make It : fabric note cards

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When my mom was visiting last time, I was in the middle of my fabric clean up. She was admiring this Japanese fabric, so I've been thinking about ideas for what to make with the small piece of it I had. I decided to make some cards for her, as she still sends notes the old fashioned way and is always looking for new ones.

All I needed in addition to the fabric were some notecards and spray glue. (I chose to use fabric basting spray, as it doesn't seep through the fabric and actually adheres to the paper perfectly). Cut pieces to size so you can still see a rim of the card (or more if you'd like). Make sure the fabric is ironed flat, spray from the back side, place right side facing you on the card and press flat. Done.

With matching envelopes and a pen it makes for a nice gift. I may make the same for my friend who loves block printed fabrics, and some for another friend who can't get enough of Liberty prints, and menswear fabrics for Shane !?  It's a great way to use up your fabric scraps. And maybe it'll inspire more people to send notes the old fashioned way ! Can't remember I got one sent that way (besides from my mom, of course).

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