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Make It : Frosty Summer Treats

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Whether you're celebrating Christmas in July, or just looking for a tasty treat to help you cool off, here's a round-up that'll do the trick!

Who says you can't make a snowman in summer??  These snowman sundaes are actually made in shot glasses, following the rule that everything tiny is so much cuter!

A twist on the popular frozen hot chocolate- this recipe for Hot-Cocoa Ice Pops is a nod to the classic fudge or pudding pop.

Let it snow!  The texture of our homemade granita recipes will evoke the nostalgia of a snow cone, while the flavors appeal to your adult palate.

Set up a bar of these tasty treats at your next summer fete- our recipes can be made with or without alcohol.

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  • Hi there, I was just wondering whether you will ever have a Pin button for these wonderful ideas as with all of Martha's other blogs (Lifestyle etc)?

    Thanks a bunch, Stella

  • Crafter Comment:

    Thanks for your suggestion, Stella! We're working on it and will hopefully have a pin button next week.

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