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Inspiration Board : back to school (for grown ups)

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Every year I anticipate the kids' school supply list, remembering my own proud moments of new pencil cases and new books ... and yet every year it is a slight disappointment, as the lists are so specific : 36 yellow wood No.2  pencils, 5 two pocket plastic folders in purple, yellow, blue, red and green, 500 3x5 ruled index cards, 200 ct facial tissue  .... boring !

So this year I decided I would treat myself to my own 'back to school' list:

My favorite notebooks ever are these from Postalco. I love the way they look new, but they age even more beautifully

I remember well getting my first fountain pen in 1st grade. After you learned how to write with pencil, you went straight to a fountain pen. It was meant to promote good penmanship ... that didn't really work for me, but I still love the way a fountain pen feels in your hand and glides across the page (though I mostly write with pencil). How beautiful is this one from Muji.

For a snack I'm going to try this recipe ... it's gluten free (for me) and nut free (for my son). Perfect ! And I will pack it in this lovely lunch sack made out of waxed cotton (by Brave Brown Bag, the same company that makes the bag I couldn't live without)


Since I'm 'back to school' I guess I should learn something. How about some art history ...  Inspired by our family trip to the Guggenheim museum in Venice this summer, I will for sure read this book ... what a life this woman had.

And to train my brain I will continue to go on My kids and I did this all summer. It was the easiest way to keep them learning, and since it's with games on the computer, they didn't even complain (and I feel less 'brain fog' myself). It was suggested to us by our amazing pediatrician Dr. Stephen Cowan. We've been lucky enough to know him and learn from him for years, and now - thanks to his new book, you can too.

Though it is meant to teach you to understand ADHD,  it fascinating to read and helpful for understanding and inspiring any child ... or grown up for that matter ... and that's what this post was about after all, no !?

p.s. Did you see the school photos of our Martha Stewart Living colleagues in the September issue !? Take a look, it's quite sweet !

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  • Someone gave me one of those Postalco notebooks and I use it for doing initial draft sketches of my needlepoint designs. It means I keep them all in one place when they are just ideas that are formulating, whereas before I had pieces of paper all over the place. The notebooks look good, too!

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