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Make It : DIY Stained Glass

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Last week we hosted the Alt Design Summit at the Martha Stewart offices here in NYC- it made for a very lively and colorful day!  The day was full of design discussions, craft activities, and delicious food and drink.  The office was really transformed by our amazing events team.  Anduin got big results with her faux stained glass in one of the photo studios- the effect was stunning!

Anduin used colored gels from SLD Lighting in the city- they supply many of the theaters in New York with lighting equipment.  Gels are very sturdy but thin plastic sheets that come in dozens of translucent colors.  Look at the beautiful colored light they cast on the stage-

The inspiration for this project came when Anduin was admiring this modern stained glass on the Highline park near our office-

Photo courtesy of Habitually Chic

Our office windows were kind of a perfect fit for this project!  Before buying the gels, she did a test with small samples of the gel colors from a swatch book-

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