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Inspiration Board : more stuffed animals

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We're about to visit my family in Germany, during which my kids will get to meet my cousins' babies for the first time. My younger son is so excited and insisted I make them each a stuffed animal. It needed to be an Elephant and a Zebra, he insisted. Not that I didn't have enough to do to get ready for this trip ! But I thought it was so sweet, that I wanted to make it happen. I showed him the stuffed bunny, so he could 'design' his animals around it, as it was such a simple way to make a stuffed animal. This is what he came up with 

The crooked legs were a mistake, he said, but the uneven arms were a must. And it had to be soft fabric, for which we chose this striped flannel from Purl and some left over cotton velvet for the insides of the ears.

Meet the additions to the stuffed animal family:

Important of course are the tails on the back.

The suitcases are packed, and these little guys will come with us to meet the cousins (and aunts and uncles, babies and great grandma)

Wonder what animal addition we should make next ?!

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  • Good for you for pulling off the little animals. What a great collaboration to create a treasured gift for your cousins. A trip to the zoo should give your boy inspiration for new designs.

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