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Inspiration Board : Pretty Notebooks

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Our amazing intern Dani left us to return to RISD, but she left these lovely thank you gifts in her place-

It looks like she used painters tape to mask off shapes and paint bright accents on these Moleskine notebooks.  She tucked our favorite Muji pens into a rubber band on the notebook.  The best part is the amazing monogrammed thank you note that she designed-

It was folded over the top of the notebook cover, so we got a sweet surprise when the book opened up.  Thank YOU Dani!!

Comments (4)

  • What an amazing idea! The gift is practical and useful, but original and creative.

  • Talent and thoughtfulness!

  • Cute idea! I always appreciate a schnazzy new pen and cute new notebook. These would make terrific teacher fits -- and stocking suffers! Thanks or sharing.

  • Better than Better! A great way to leave a TY for someone.

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