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Make It : School Memory Book

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Every year when school ends the kids come home with huge bags of drawings, reports, notebooks, folders and more. Our super organized babysitter--who knows me all too well--noticed that our bags were still sitting untouched many weeks into summer. She said "You're going to have those bags when school starts!" to which I answered defensively "No, no,  I was just about to to go through them!" School starts next week and until a few days ago, it looked like she would be right.
Well, we finally sorted through the ephemera and chose a few special things to keep. The class pictures and report cards are the most special and I've been meaning for years to dedicate a book to those items so we have them all in one place. I love these clear page books (so much that I used them in a Good Thing in our upcoming October issue) They made the perfect (quick and easy!) school memory book.

I made questionnaire pages for each grade for the kids to fill out with the following items to fill in.....

Teachers names
Favorite subjects
A great memory

I created sections for each year by stamping on our adhesive note tabs from Staples.

I'm so happy to have a place to deposit the most important school papers as they come in.
How do you deal with the deluge of school papers?

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