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Around Town : Castle in the Air in Berkeley, CA

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Today's shop is an extraordinary one! Castle in the Air in Berkeley, California is a small, family business owned by the incredibly creative Karima Cammell. You may recognize the name of this shop being that Castle in the Air is our go-to crepe paper source. The shop yields a varied inventory of unique and beautiful craft materials, but is more like stepping into a carefully curated museum (a 7-foot crepe paper tuna graces the ceiling - enough said!). See below to take a peek inside Castle in the Air...

The view from the front door of Castle in the Air (we weren't kidding about the crepe paper tuna!). The simple garlands on the ceiling change seasonally and and are the most asked about craft in the shop. They are made of florist crepe with a pinked edge. A strip of metallic crepe is glued down the center and the edges are pulled to ruffle.

The ink table - the rest is kept in 2 cabinets! They like to think they have the best collection of writing ink in the country (they probably do).

A beautiful display of sealing wax and seals. Some of it is still hand formulated in cauldrons.

A vignette from a larger wall of ribbon.

Castle in the Air has eight file cabinets full of Dresden trim. It is nearly impossible for them to catalog and keep track of it all but if you call the store, they likely have it! (*A note from Karima: By the way, this is a craft supply that is disappearing from the world. As the old hydrolic molds and presses break they can’ be replaced so I’ve watched many styles vanish.)

A sneak peek into a Santos class...

A sneak peek into a waxed crepe paper flower class...

Finished waxed paper flowers in bouquets.

Sneak peek into a Pajaki Class...

Finished Pajaki displayed in the shop, along with a handmade crepe paper lantern. Both were classes at the shop!

A Crepe paper and Dresden party hat! The Castle in the Air team just did a street fair in front of the shop and made 100 different hats with passers by.

Another crepe paper figure graces the store - Aimee Baldwin’s Great Blue Heron eating a mole!

Thanks, Castle in the Air! They have a wonderful, varied list of classes and a great online shop and blog, so be sure to check it out!

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  • Love this beautiful, quaint little shop that is just chock full of wondrous whimsy. My go to place for duplex crepe paper. Very unique website too and creative classes galore!

  • So glad to see this fantastic store featured here. It is my go-to place for learning different types of crafts. The instructors are fabulously creative. Amazing works of art!

  • This is a truly magical place. I've taken artbook classes for the past year. The books range from tiny 2" x 2" books to origami ships with sails of book pages. You can't be anything but creative at Castles in the Air.

  • I adore this store!

  • An amazing place. I also use this as my go to source for crepe paper. They do have an amazing display of Dresden trim. The staff are all talented. If you can't make it to the store the Web site is great.

  • Agree with everyone - this is the best shop. I have taken several classes and wish I could time for more (guess that is what retirement is about). A must-see if you are in the area.

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