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Make It : fabric pumpkins

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Last weekend we drove to Long Island for a last chance to enjoy the beach ... on the way we saw many pumpkin patches over-spilling with huge, orange, beautiful pumpkins. Our dry summer made it so we'll have plenty of perfect pumpkins come time for carving. I'm by far not ready for that, but when I saw Shane's beautiful display of white and green pumpkins for Marcie's birthday party yesterday, I was inspired. I'm going to pull out my fabric pumpkins (and might even make some more  - they are so fast to sew !) and go to the nursery to pick  some white and green pumpkins (the real kind).

Then I will recreate this display (well, maybe less elaborate), which has always been one of my favorite Fall stories Ayesha and I created together. It is Fall - I may as well accept and embrace it. As for those orange pumpkins, they'll have to wait a few weeks before they find their way to my doorstep. Have fun decorating !

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