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Make It : grown-up pompoms

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Pompoms make me smile. As you wind yarn, tie, snip and take it out of it's maker ready to be shaped, it is as if a personality forms in your hands. Soft and fluffy and always with a bit of a surprise of how the material might react, where the color might appear. We've made many creatures from birds to snowmen with pompoms over the years, but for this story I wanted pompoms to have the chance to show their sophisticated side. Depending on the color choices and yarns and then what you attach them to, they surely warrant a chance in grown up lives.

Silks and mohair in muted colors create pompoms worthy of being displayed  in a fancy bowl along some art books.

Attaching pompoms to pillows brings out the best of them ... using them to tuft gives an excuse to make many mini ones.

It helped that we shot in a very beautiful, sophisticated home.

Take a look at the September issue of Martha Stewart Living to see what else in the home I attached pompoms to.

I made many many pompoms for this story, but I'm still hooked. It is a slightly addictive, incredibly easy and very satisfying craft. Bring out your  yarn scraps, add some luxurious new ones, and start winding. The video below shows you how and gives you some insight of various materials. But mostly let those little balls surprise you, both in their outcome and the applications they might inspire.

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