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Around Town : Kiosk, NYC

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While we have dozens of go-to shops and sources in NYC, Kiosk stands out as a unique example.  The store is hidden away on a busy SoHo street- a little treasure that you'll find when you follow this neon sign through a door and up a dim staircase.

Inside, the store is bright and colorful- it feels like a small museum.

The folks at Kiosk have designed it to feel that way- they bring in a new collection of curated objects every few months.  These objects range from strange and beautiful, like this American Lottery Ticket from Sweden (I had never heard of this and was very interested to read about it on Kiosk's website)

to familiar and functional, like these tiny stencils from Mexico-

The curators at Kiosk trek all over the globe to find these treasures.  Each exhibit consists of a variety of objects from one country or region.  Take a look at their website- each object comes with an explanation of its origin- you're sure to find something intriguing.  Even their gift certificates are cool- they can be purchased in the form of "Kiosk Money."

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