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Celebrate : National Sewing Month!

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This month we celebrate the 30th anniversary of National Sewing Month!  On September 21, 1982 President Ronald Reagan declared September to be National Sewing Month "in recognition of the importance of home sewing to our Nation."

I am the proud new owner of my very first Singer sewing machine.  My mind is racing with project ideas!  This weekend I pulled out our Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts and marked some pages to start with.

At the start of the encyclopedia, there is an intro to the sewing machine, as well as the basic stitches, and various seams and hems.  The first project I'm itching to try is this baby kimono top-

I have a trip coming up where I'll be visiting a few new babies, and thought they might make the perfect gift.  I was inspired by these adorable ones that our friend Corinne made -

Photo by Corinne Gill of MAKE/good

And if there's time, I want to make some of these sock dogs for the babies too (of course I'll have substitute stitched eyes for the buttons.)  How cute are they??

What sewing projects are you working on now?  Do you prefer machine or hand sewing?

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  • Truthfully, I don't care for any sewing much. But I prefer the machine because it's fast and makes precise stitches.

    I'll be making curtains soon. We moved, and now that the baby's new nursery is finally done and he's in it (poor thing went nearly 6 months without a proper room of his own), I realized his window is horribly bare-looking without a valance. I ordered some wonderful space fabric from a seller on Etsy, and it's on the way.

  • I'm making a small flannel quilt - completing the binding with hand stitching right now, which isn't my favorite thing to do but must be done! I'm also going to make at least two Christmas aprons from some great Michael Miller gnome fabric I bought on Etsy.

  • Our grandaughter, Kayla, asked me to make a garment bag like the one we use. She picked out a navy sailcloth and I set on the thought process of:pattern from our bag; pocket used for 'whatever'; names of the horses she has used in her training over the past 8 years or so,(she is now 16)which I embroidered on the pocket;and with the help of my seamtress who put in the zipper, she will have one- of- a- kind garment bag for her showmanship clothes.

  • I prefer machine sewing. I teach sewing and I am always fascinated when I have students who love hand sewing. There have only been a handful but it has so intrigued me that I started to learn hand sewing. There is definitely an art to it.

  • Isnt that good, a whole mounth for sewing, what a good idea. Good luck with your babykimono. Hugs from Sweden

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