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Around Town : Make and Give at American Made

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You may recall Marcie announcing our American Made event on the blog last week. American Made is a two day workshop held in Grand Central's Vanderbilt Hall on Wednesday, October 17th and Thursday, October 18th. For two full days we'll be bringing you demonstrations, panel discussions, master classes, and a running schedule of "Make and Give" stations, which we'd like to tell you more about today.

The Crafts Department will be bringing you a rotating schedule of about ten of our favorite projects from the magazine. We'll have tables of all the supplies and instructions you'll need to make these projects and you get to take them home with you! We'll be there to help you along the way!

Make Blake's vibrant necklaces with wooden beads and bright lanyard:

Cross stitch yourself or a friend, inspired by our Cross Stitch People story:

Make a pom-pom key chain reminiscent of Silke's in her Pom Pom story from the September issue of Living:

Have you used our Crafter's Clay? Now you can! We'll have a range of clay colors and molds to inspire you:

That's not it! We'll have an entire table dedicated to our favorite Martha Stewart Craft tools for you to try, which will be open all day on both Wednesday and Thursday. See below for the full schedule of Make & Give Projects.

Wednesday, October 17th:

8-11AM: Camp Craft Necklaces

8:30AM-11:30AM: Pom Pom Key Chains

12-3PM: Screen Printing (make your own American Made Tote!)

12:30-3:30PM: Cross Stitch People

3:30-6:30PM: Tags, Ties and Toppers

4:00- 6:30PM: Craft Clay

Thursday, October 18th:

8-11AM: Tags, Ties and Toppers

8:30-11AM: Screen Printing

12-3PM: Camp Craft Necklaces

3-5PM: Cross Stitch People

3:30-5:30PM: Pom Pom Key Chains

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to Grand Central station next Wednesday and Thursday. For more details on all the festivities, click here. We hope to see you there!

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