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Around Town : Maker Faire NY 2012!

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This past weekend my family and I attended our second Maker Faire in Queens, New York. Maker Faire is, per their website, “a two-day, family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement.” Last year we saw many exhibits (which I wrote about here) and felt that we covered a lot of ground but I’m happy to report that this year we saw and enjoyed lots of things that were new (well, new to us!).

Here are a few of the things that caught our eyes...

Kids loved climbing into Robert Marshall's hinged wooden truncated icosahedron. (In his words "The most familiar form of the truncated icosahedron in America would likely be the soccer ball, but it's history and influence go far beyond the sport")

We loved these Thinker Linkers wooden building toys.

Over to the Nerdy Derby, a miniature car building and racing competition organized by a group of students from New York University's Interactive Telecommunications Program...

...where our friends C and M made their own cars to race out of a mix of recycled materials, styrofoam, pipe cleaners, gems and more.

My younger son, the music lover, was captivated by this interactive sculpture by professional beatboxer Adam Matta. "Borrowing from Marcel Duchamp, this sculpture is a modern remix, using audio tape and a walkman to play sound when the wheel is turned."

Trash Trees, by the Bottle Cap Botanists, were very inspiring! In their words: "Reclaiming what NYC recyclers rejected, we transform trash into trees. Broken umbrellas, bent hoola hoops and abandonned poles create trunks and branches which are delightfully decorated with over a thousand colored bottle cap and jar lid leaves."

From afar, the clear plastic takeout containers looked magical, like a blown glass sculpture.

I can't forget to mention the 3D printers which are always mind-blowing! This one (of the many on display) is from Type A Machines along with a few items that it has "printed out".

The Lego PancakeBot by Miguel Valenzuela can output pancake batter in any shape you'd like. it is It is made out of "99% LEGO and 1% Ketchup bottle" and was a popular item! Read an interview with Miguel here.

Speaking of Lego, we're big fans in my house so we loved seeing Lego art. This video game mosaic is from I LUG NY, an adult Lego users group.

These gorgeous Flowerclouds, by Jenine Bressner, are made from lasercut textiles.

I loved this Maker Faire robot pinata made by Llaves Designs.

Click here to find out if there is a Maker Faire in your town . They're happening all over the world...and you never know who you'll bump into!

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