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Make It : Angela Liguori albums

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About 5 years ago I received a package filled with cotton ribbons in the most beautiful colors. They came from Angela Liguori, who had started importing them from Italy. I put the little pile on my desk, and that's where they've lived ever since. They make me happy, inspire color combinations, and remind me how great it is to turn your passion into a small business. Angela is an incredible book artist, but has managed to take the slightly intimidating craft of book binding and make it accessible to everyone. If you missed her demonstrations at American Made, you can follow her directions from our November issue of Martha Stewart Living to make a simple, yet elegant album.

Perfect for this time of year to fill with your family photos and memories of (or for) the holidays. And if you need beautiful ribbon to wrap your finished albums with (or want to not bother making one, but instead purchasing it already made), go to Angela's beautiful website (or if you're lucky enough to live in the Boston area her actual store) and start your own happy moment.

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