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Make It : cornhusk dolls

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If our little friends Nora and Hugo are any indication for this craft, you will have no worries about having enough decorations for your Thanksgiving table.

After several hours of shooting variations of  their little hands making dolls, neither one of them would stop. I sent them home with a bag full of cornhusk and yarn and felt, and apparently they made even more.  And  according to their mom Ellen Morrissey, our amazing Editorial Director of Special Projects here at MSLO, it made several play dates quite successful.


Nora even drew a how to (with the very important indication not to draw a face. She was well aware of the legend told here). Click here for the official how-to.

I'm sure the children in your life will enjoy this craft just as much. You could decide to make these ahead of Thanksgiving to take care of your decoration needs. But it is also a great way to keep the kids occupied on the day itself. You may want to make some 'blanks' ahead, so in case they get impatient, or your little crafters are younger, they can enjoy more of the 'dressing up' of the dolls. Who knows, you may find yourself with time for an extra pie (I'm going to try this one), or even a quiet moment, with the kids happily occupied.

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