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Inspiration Board : Martha Stewart Craft Paint holiday crafts

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Every year I try to get all of my holiday gifts planned, organized, and made ahead of time which helps me make sure I don't miss anyone on my list. Like a true crafter, I love to make my gifts and do a little something to add a personal touch to them.  So I came up with some simple ideas on how to embellish little treat bags with our Martha Stewart Crafts paints. These will make great stocking stuffers when filled with candy, homemade chocolates, jewelry, you name it.

The following crafts are inspired by the projects we made for an advertisement (pictured above) we shot for the November issue of Living. I'm going to show you two crafts: how to make a simple snowman using our foam pouncers and how to use paint and freezer paper to make a beautiful snowflake pattern.

These are the things you are going to need for all the crafts pictured:


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Satin in Beetle Black
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Satin in Wild Blueberry
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Satin in Blue Sky
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Satin in Habanero
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Satin in Carrot
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Paint Satin in Wedding Cake


  • Martha Stewart Crafts Foam Pouncers
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Detail Brush
  • Martha Stewart Crafts Large Scissors
  • muslin bags/ treat bags
  • generic freezer paper

To begin, grab a painters palette (any old paper plate or dish will do) and squeeze out some Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in Blue Sky. Grab your largest foam pouncer and begin to paint the entire surface of your muslin bag. I protect the inside of my muslin bags by placing a small piece of wax paper in there to prevent paint from leaking through.  Allow to dry completely before approaching the next steps.

Now apply some Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in Wedding Cake white onto your painters palette. Take your largest foam pouncer and create a dot at the lower end of your bag to represent the bottom of your snowman. Repeat, using smaller foam pouncers as you go to finish the body.

Now take your detail brush and embellish your snowman freehand. I used Beetle Black for his eyes, nose, and buttons, Carrot for his nose, and Habanero for his scarf.

The second treat bag with the snowflake was made with a paper snowflake I cut from freezer paper. We have done tutorials on how to use freezer paper to create simple stencils but I thought it would be a neat way to preserve the snowflakes you cut on the holidays.

Cut yourself a snowflake from your freezer paper. To adhere it to your treat bag, simply iron it on lightly with the shiny/waxy side down. It should stick pretty easily.

Taking your foam pouncer, apply Martha Stewart Crafts Paint in Wild Blueberry all over your "snowflake stencil" and bag.

Let dry completely before removing your stencil.

And there it is! Quick and easy holiday crafts that add a personal touch to your gifts.

For more information and FAQs about our craft paint, post a comment on our blog or find it all here

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