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Inspiration Board : my favorite Thanksgiving (or anytime) decor

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Having grown up in Germany, Thanksgiving is not a Holiday I had ever celebrated. Therefore no memories, no traditions ... but maybe that's good ?! It certainly allowed me to think outside the box and when being assigned to work on Thanksgiving stories for Martha Stewart Living, I had no problem saying 'lets make it a Belgian Thanksgiving' (or course with a slight chuckle). Not surprisingly, some of the favorite things I've done are still the non traditional. The ones you can leave up for months, pull out for any other celebration, or just because.

I have had one of these velvet flowers on my board at the office since developing the story for November 2010. I still love looking at it every day. And the dyed pompoms on branches are something you could even still pull together for today (given the turkey is happily in the oven).

The wreath might have to wait for the next occasion ... but with a lighter color, it might just be perfect for Spring. And velvet trivets are great for any time. Or any thing for that matter. I could see some jewelry, or just a feather on it ?!

The sweet gum wreath from November 2009 could just as well work for Christmas. Doesn't it look like it's been dusted with snow ?!

And the linen lined bread baskets can be made in any color linen and be pretty at any time of year as well.

Brussel sprouts as salt and pepper vessels, and / or a napkin tie  ... so simple that they could adorn any weekday's dinner.

All this doesn't mean that I haven't built Thanksgiving memories and traditions for my family at this point. Mostly with food. And yes, some not so typical decorations. But isn't marrying traditions what this holiday is all about ?! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving !

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