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Inspiration Board : Tom (LEGO) Turkey

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LEGOs make all of us happy, no ?! They remind us of our children, of our own childhood, they are colorful, playful and everyone can make 'something' out of LEGO. 'Something' is not however what  British LEGO artist Tom Poulsom creates with these colorful little bricks. I stumbled across his LEGO birds a while ago and we were so inspired, that we asked him if he would create a Thanksgiving turkey for us. Not a British bird, nor a British tradition, yet he was excited and enthusiastic and wowed us all when he sent us the photographs.


That is not the LEGO of our childhood, that is true art.

Take a look at his other birds and vote for them here - if he gets enough votes, we all may be lucky to be able to buy one of his birds as a LEGO kit. Now that would be 'something' !


If you'd like to make this very simple LEGO turkey, you find the directions on the LEGO website ( under the instructions tab.




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  • This is the best LEGO turkey ever. I would love to have it on my table for Thanksgiving. Thank You for showing us the work of LEGO artist Tom Poulsom.

  • When trying to go to the website listed (, it says the server requires a username and password.

  • On behalf of LEGO Group, I wanted to apologize for the inconvenience to anyone having trouble accessing today. We’re re-launching the site to make it even more user-friendly for everyone and working on having it back up ASAP. The building instructions for creating your own LEGO turkey will still be available on the site. Thanks for your patience!

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