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Make It : Two Holiday Patterns from Cynthia Treen

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Today's guest post comes from the very talented Cynthia Treen:

Well, it is that time again. The days are getting shorter, the air is crisp and fresh and I am looking forward to the holidays ahead! I have been puttering away in my studio making patterns and chipping away at my elfish list to of projects to accomplish.

Today I have two patterns that I would like to share with you! The first is a free Holiday Tree Ornament (above) to festively deck your halls this season. Simply download the pattern and get stitching!

The other, Felix the Fox (below), is available in my etsy shop where you will find all of my threadfollower patterns and kits available for sale. This pattern is on sale for only $5.00 this weekend and will go up to $8.00 on Monday.

For Charlotte and Felix Fox, the day after Thanksgiving is their day to pick out a decorative tree for the holidays. Each year they choose one tree to take home and plant a seedling to grow in its place.

Photo credit: Karen Philippi

Thanks, Cynthia! For more on Cynthia, visit her facebook page, website, and etsy shop.

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