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Make It : basket weavers guild

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How sweet is this lovely heart ornament .... woven with ash strips, it is a great introduction to basket weaving. Judy Flanders and Marty Parker from the Westchester Area Basketmakers Guild (WABG) were kind enough to share the instructions below. Make one as a gift (or for yourself !) as this is really quite simple (and once you get going, you can make more and more and give them as Valentines as well !).

SUPPLIES: 8 pieces of 1/4" wide strips of ash, reed, maple (or 140 lb paper)  each cut 8 1/4" long,                 wood glue, micro clips

SOURCES: Gradiot Lake Basketry is great for the wood already cut into strips, as well as a great quick set glue, Radio Shack sells those perfect little clips


Make sure your spokes are all cut exactly the same length. Then lay out 2"x2" base (going over and under). glue sparingly and clip. Allow glue to dry.

take the two inside spokes, bend over and clip to the point of the base.

then take the next two spokes and weave them over and under, matching them to the same spacing as the original base.

repeat with the third and fourth set of spokes. Square up the base and match it as near as possible to the original base, making sure all the spokes are crossing over each other and the weaving is correct. Glue all the spoke ends. Allow glue to dry.


I've long been fascinated with basket weaving. This incredible craft  dates back 35,o00 years, goes across many many cultures that have used their native natural materials to create functional baskets to enrich their lives. Having met these lovely ladies that promote the history and future of this craft, inspired me to try it myself. This little heart is a great start. But I will sign up for one of the many workshops this Guild offers.  And I will go see their exhibit from January 12th through February 10th, on weekends 2-4pm at the Pound Ridge Museum.

If you're inspired as well and live in a different area, try these other basket weavers organizations.

National Basketry Organization

Northeast Basketmakers Guild

Bay Area Basket Makers

or here

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