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Make It : Himmeli ornaments

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Today's post comes to us from Melissa Hruska of amradio. You may have seen her beautiful ornaments featured in the gift guide of Martha Stewart Living's December issue. You can buy them in various materials through her etsy shop. I bought the straw ones last year and I can't wait to decorate with them again really soon. (I'm also the proud owner of one of her Himmeli mobiles, which makes me happy hanging in my room throughout the year, as any of her ornaments could - they are hardly limited to Christmas time).

Melissa was generous enough to share the technique for one of her ornaments with us. Using paper straws seems like the perfect material for beginners ... and the red and white makes it perfect for the holidays.


Supplies needed  - paper straws, string, needle, scissors, ruler

1. Cut 12 two inch straws.

2. Thread a 36 inch length of string onto the needle.

3. Place three straws onto the string and tie off to form a triangle at the opposite end.

4. Thread two more straws on to the string and push them down to the triangle.

5. Loop your needle through the top peak of the previously made triangle and tighten creating another triangle shape next to the other.

6. Repeat this step three more times until there is 5 triangles in a row by threading two straws and looping though the previously made triangle peak.

7. There will be one straw remaining which will be threaded onto the string last.

8. Remove the needle from the thread.

9. Take the two ends of the strings and bring them together to tie. Double knot to keep it secured together. This forms one half of the ornament shape.

10. Trim the excess string and use this piece to tie together the two remaining loose triangles, be sure to double knot. This will form the other half of the ornament.

11. Cut a 12” string and tie it off on the top of the himmeli. Measure approximately 3” down the string and make another knot to form a loop.

Hang the beautiful ornament you have created from the tree and enjoy!

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  • Its nice , simple n practical. I will do plenty of these ahead of time next year ... Happy holidays Martha <3

  • Its so nice, simple ,unique n practical. I will surely make these ahead of time next year. I <3 u Martha...

  • This is pretty cool. I will definitely do it with my scouts next year.

  • Nice tutorial, but paper? Aren't these usually made using natural straw plant materials instead of paper or plastic straws? Loses something in the translation of materials to me. Thank you for posting.

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