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Meet : Anandamayi Arnold

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Did you see the beautiful opener on page 77 of the January issue of Living? It features a piece by paper artist Anandamayi Arnold, who makes stunning, lifelike botanicals using crepe paper. The image below is entitled "Kumquat Branch, 2012." Can you believe the kumquat is made of crepe paper? I have to do a double take each time I look at her work.

Anandamayi is inspired by old-fashioned surprise balls, which are vehicles for storing small toys and treats. They are made of wound crepe paper and are meant to unravel to reveal the surprise stored inside. Anandamayi gets her crepe paper from one of our favorite shops (we wrote about them here), Castle in the Air in Berkeley, California. You can see more of her work here (how amazing are these dresses made of crepe?). Watch the video below to see Anandamayi discussing her work.


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  • Lovely botanicals! The artist makes it appear easy and knows her materials so well that it seems as though they work together. I have never seen crepe paper of this type and cannot wait to try this out - am wondering if I could scale down to some plants suitable to a doll house.

    Thank you for the video!

  • I love that Martha has always been a champion for goods that are handmade. Much is trumpeted for the tech world we live in. It just means that we will all want the extraordinary that is handmade.

  • merci pour ce lien, des fleurs et fruits bien convaincants

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