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Make It : Assembly Line Valentines Gifts!

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Many years ago my friend, Page Marchese Norman, and I started a tradition of hand making Valentines gifts for our coworkers. I think we had originally meant for them to be holiday gifts but with the December craziness, Valentines seemed like a more reasonable deadline!

Since we needed to make around 200 gifts, we came up with ideas that were assembly line friendly. Felt had always been a favorite material of ours. Because felt is non woven and doesn't fray, it requires no hemming making it super easy to work with. The wool felt we used (ordered from Holland..the only place we could find it back then!) came in gorgeous colors. It just so happens that now we can get beautiful wool felt at Purl Soho, where Page is a co-owner.

I reproduced a few of our ideas in this month's Good Things on page 51. They are perfect coworker/classmate/friend/neighbor gifts to make in bulk.


I think that these felt tissue pouches were some of our first. A practical gift for winter! (Click here for the how-to)


Lip balm holder/keychain...another must-have for wintertime (and Valentines smooching!).

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We saw these coffee cup cozies on The Purl Bee and made a Valentine-ed up version.


For an assembly-line personalized packaging idea, try these stenciled gift bags--perfect for anything from jewelry to candy! I used freezer paper to make the of my very favorite techniques! The large heart was cut with scissors and the letters (xo and the 'g') were cut with a craft knife. I used this craft punch to make the smaller hearts-- a quick and easy way to cut a stencil. Click here for the full how-to.

For more DIY Valentines, click here. Happy Valentines crafting!

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  • I think the tissue holder is my favorite! I love making Valentines too - so much less stress than crafting en mass at Christmas!

  • These are so cute and thoughtful ideas, totally going to try some out. :)

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