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Make It : DIY Industrial Furniture

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In our January issue I worked on a furniture story that was based on a piece (above) that I made  about 10 years ago.  Because space is such an issue in most New York apartments I wanted a shelving/organizing unit that I could customize and also afford.  I bought the bins and magazine files from Ikea and then designed a shelving unit to fit them out of  plumbing pipes, pipe flanges and plywood.  Over the years I have changed the proportions of the piece - at one point it had 4 shelves and at another it was a bit shorter.  In its different configurations I replaced the wood but was able to re-use the pipes and flanges.  We expanded on the basic idea for the story and also created a desk, bench and side tables.   There are detailed instructions as well as an assembly plan available for each project -  the construction is quite simple making it easy to adjust to your own specifications.


This desk is constructed with black steel plumbing pipes, tees and flanges.  The pipes and tees and flanges are threaded - no glue is needed the pieces screw together.




This bench is made from 3/4" copper pipe, tees and end caps - the joints are connected with a copper epoxy


This bench is made from 1/2" copper pipe, tees and end caps - the joints are connected with a copper epoxy




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