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Make It : Popup Letter

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I could never understand how some people managed to get it all done during the holidays - cards, letters, presents, and dinners (when did they sleep??) - while I could barely get the tree dressed in time for Santa, so it was such a relief to read Jodi's post a few years ago.

These days I like to write letters in the new year, sending best wishes and thank you notes for presents received during the holidays.


Materials you will need:  sheet paper, ruler, bone folder, cutting mat, exacto knife, and marker


Step 1:  Divide paper into thirds and score across the width of the page with the bone folder and ruler.


Step 2:  Write a header in the top section of the paper, making sure each letter touches the scored line.


Step 3:  Cut letters out with an exacto knife but keep the bottoms attached (where they meet the scored line).


Step 4:  Write a message in the middle section of the paper.


Step 5:  When recipient opens letter, the top section can fold back and tape to the bottom section, forming a triangle.


Turns out, a heartfelt note can be just as sentimental after the holidays (or at least that's what I tell myself).


You could also send someone a love letter, since a certain holiday is just around the corner...

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