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Make It : Photo Valentines for the class

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When I saw food editor Jennifer Aaronson's Valentines on Instagram this weekend, I asked her if she would share it on the blog.  She said that the idea was originally from Lavish Me withPraise and offered some great additional tips below:

It was so cute and easy to do. For the pic, I figured I had to have some kind of back drop so I made my son stand in front of the shower curtain in a bright colored shirt. We had to get his arm at just the right angle for best pop placement. Then I just printed the pics through snapfish for a grand total of $6, I think for his class and my daughter's (we did separate pics with her as well). I bought a bag of dumdums and had him personalize the backs (with a heart sticker added for Valentine's flair). I used an exacto knife to cut slits above and below his hand then we slipped a dumdum in. Done!

Thanks Jen!


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