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Our Library : Shane Powers New Book

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We are excited about Shane Powers book Bring the Outdoors In, which goes on sale today.  You may have caught a sneak peek at the book in our February issue, where Shane showed us how to make the beautiful framed pressed botanicals that appear on the cover.  The book contains 20 craft projects with a decidedly modern approach to bringing nature into your home.  The ideas have a great range (from live plants and cuttings, to dried and pressed botanicals) and do not require a proficiency in gardening.  Each project has  step by step instruction and great basic care information.   It is beautifully photographed by Gentl and Hyers in a variety of  locations, giving you styling and decorating inspiration as well.   As a close friend and colleague of Shane's for many years I know how much time, care and creativity was poured into this book.  Congratulations Shane!

shane ht

How-to for pressed botanicals on cover


  Waterproof fabric vase - a quick sewing project


I love how modern this dried garland feels  - and it is easy to achieve with a needle and thread



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  • Thank you for this post, couldn't come at a better time as we settle in to another deep freeze Cheers Dale

  • Wonderful! I have been meaning to press flowers between two panes of glass like that for a while now. Perhaps this post will set me in motion on the project.

  • Thanks for sharing this Marcie! Well deserved praise for the lovely and talented Shane Powers. Just ordered my book and can't wait for its arrival. Nice to bring a little green inside with all the snow outside. xo Alex

  • Thanks so much for sharing this amazing book Craft Department! With such beautiful imagery and such amazing craft ideas, it's virtually impossible for people to not bring the outdoors into their homes this spring!

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