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Make It : A Plush Chick from Sarah Goldschadt

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Today's guest post is from crafter and author Sarah Goldschadt. Her book Craft a Day is packed with 365 simple, seasonal projects broken down by week.

Today she's sharing a sweet how-to that's timely for Easter...! How cute would this little guy be nestled in your Easter basket?


Here's how to make the chick:

printer paper
black, yellow, white, and orange felt
sewing thread
sewing needle
1. Print chick pattern on printer paper. Click here to download the (free!) Plush Chick pattern.
2. Transfer pattern and cut shapes out of black, yellow, white, and orange felt. Cut an extra piece out of any color for the back.
3. Arrange shapes as in the photograph. Sew in place using a straight stitch.
4. Align back piece with front. Use a blanket stitch around the outside edges to sew pieces together. Leave a 1-inch opening along the bottom.
5. Stuff with fiberfill.
6. Use a blanket stitch along the bottom to sew it closed.

Sarah will be making the chicks at Brooklyn Craft Camp this weekend (we posted about that here).


Click here for more information about her book (pictured above!). Thanks, Sarah!

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