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Make It : Easy Necklaces

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I love bold jewelry and I also love making necklaces out of non-jewelry materials. I've used towels, kids lacing beads, pom-poms and more. Using these (big) materials rather than delicate beads or chains gives you a lot of bang for low effort.

The ropey necklaces above (except for the polka-dot one) were made from metallic trims such as rickrack (two pieces intertwined), ribbon, braid and cord. In our March issue in the Beauty & Style section, I show how to make these super easy and quick necklaces using the trims and just a dot of hot glue or an iron.

LD109761-group-necklaces-111For the supplies, I visited some of my favorite NYC trimming shops. Luckily, they all have websites!

  • M & J Trimming- huge selection of everything including metallic cording and trims of all types!
  • Tinsel Trading- new and vintage ribbon, cord, buttons, flowers, leaves and all sorts of crafty treasures!
  • Pacific Trimming- they have all the basics and an eclectic array of iron-on embroidery trim
  • Daytona Braids and Trimming- amazing assortment of rickrack and more (including the embroidered iron-on silver leaves, below)!

LD109761-gold-flower-overhead-029This golden floral bib necklace was made an iron-on appliqué trim, originally meant for embellishing clothing.


For the bib-style necklaces I first cut up the appliqué so that I could arrange it in an asymmetrical curved design. Next I sandwiched cord between the appliqué and backing fabric and ironed with a dry hot iron. Using detail scissors, I trimmed out the heat-melded design. Trim the ends of the cord but leave it long enough so that you can get it over your head or use it to tie a bow as the closure.

LD109761-trim-group-overhead-023More of the iron-on applique, also known as embroidery iron-on trim:

I hope you'll try making these quick and easy necklaces!!

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  • I live in New Zealand and happened to catch the program of you making necklaces and bracelets. This was fabulous. I am a "let's start at the very beginning." This was so stunning, I thought, well maybe I could do this with my 6 year old grand daughter. All recipe items have been brought and tonight's the night. Her mummy is having a birthday in July and I think a made gift is much nicer than bought one. So thanks heaps Martha.

    Kind wishes and thanks
    Christine (Nanny) and Vala (Nanny's Princess)

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