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Have You Seen This? : 'emitips'

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It is still cold in the mornings as I'm waiting for the trainĀ , and I always am quite jealous of all the men with their touchscreen compatible gloves checking their iphones, as my fingers are freezing. I just could never get myself to buy any of those gloves, as they usually look like - well, men's gloves. But I just came across this amazing product.


It includes 6 little pieces you iron onto the inside glove fingers. Done. No more men's gloves. Pretty colored women's gloves, touchscreen compatible, no more freezing fingers ....I can't wait to make them. I don't even mind now, if it's still cold for a bit longer.

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  • I read that stitching a small silver cross, with proper silver thread, into the finger tip also works!?

  • I bought these back in December! I loved them so much I bought two more in January for my other gloves. Such a clever solution!

  • I live in Chicago and am constantly wearing gloves. I came across these and love them. They are really easy to apply and I actually have them on gloves that keep me warm. I just bought a bunch to give to friends! I highly recommend these!

  • I live in New England and these are just the best for texting. I like that I can use them on my favorite gloves and they are so reasonably priced. Would highly recommend

  • Molly: I'm in Chicago as well. Which store did you find these in??

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