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Inspiration Board : Passover Crafts and Treats!

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Passover is in three days! In this month's Good Things, we shared a Passover craft idea from Assistant Managing Editor, Paulie Dibner. Last year Paulie made bookmark placecards for her family's seder. “I was trying to think of something creative for my placecards last year (I like to do something new every year. Placecards are sort of my 'thing' in my family, and they always tease me) and was digging in my craft bins when I saw a bunch of blank bookmarks. Then it hit me! Never know what you're going to come up with when you're sifting through supplies.”


A bookmark a practical addition to a place setting at a seder where a book called the Haggadah is read before and after the meal. “Haggadah” means “the telling” and the book contains instructions for the seder and the story of Passover. For our version, I painted watercolor stripes on heavy watercolor paper and trimmed it into strips. I punched a hole at the top and added a ribbon loop.


Other bookmark ideas:

It's not easy to come up with fresh ideas for Passover...thank you Paulie!!!

LD109693-chocolate-matzo-0169I am definitely going to make this pistachio, honey and sea salt matzo that our kitchen came up with. It would make a good favor for seder guests too!


Ayesha Patel's matzo placecard on her beautiful Passover table (page 69) is brilliant! We ran this idea by my mom's rabbi and he thought the idea was "kosher" as long as no one eats the matzo until the festive meal begins. If you'd rather not put it on the Seder table, use it to personalize dessert plates or send it home with your guests as a sweet favor

Check here for more Passover craft ideas and recipes. Happy holidays!!.

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