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Make It : Pom-Pom Bunnies

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I always loved the story about a bunny who carries eggs to the homes of children the night before Easter.


I'm planning to make these pocket-sized pom-pom bunnies for the little ones who will be hunting for eggs next Sunday - four, six, maybe I'll make a whole warren.


Materials you will need:  yarn, small pom-pom makers, mini pom-poms, felt, white glue, scissors, seed beads, thread



Step 1:  Make one 1-3/8" and one 1-5/8" pom-pom.


Step 2:  Cut ears out of felt.


Step 2:  Glue yarn pom-poms together to form head and body, add a mini pom-pom as a tail, and attach the ears to the head.


Step 4:  Attach seed beads for eyes and nose with glue.  Cut 2 small lengths of thread and glue to nose for whiskers.


Happy Easter everyone!


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