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Make It : Spring Floral Shade

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As much as I like to wake up with the sun every morning, a bare window doesn't offer much in the way of privacy.  My solution?  This couldn't-be-simpler shade made with the prettiest Japanese paper.


Materials you will need:  paper (mine is from The Paper Place), 3/16" wooden dowel, nail-in wire fasteners (look in the electrical department of your local hardware store), scissors, hammer, gluestick



1.  Measure the width of your window.  Cut dowel to size.


2.  Hammer wire fasteners in place.  (I temporarily placed the dowel in the fastener so you can see where it attaches to the window frame.)

3.  Cut paper to width (minus 3/4" for ease) and desired length.


4.  Wrap one end of paper around dowel and glue in place.


5.  Fold other end up 1/2" and glue in place.


6.  Hang your paper shade.

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  • Why not use two pieces of printed paper to show the print from the out side.

  • love it but i have nosey neighbors and need something they can not see through.

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