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Inspiration Board : April showers

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I really don't like the month of April. After a long (and I mean l o n g this year ) winter, you always think it'll finally be Spring, and sure enough it still is grey, rainy and chilly. So this year, I'm ignoring the rain with these fun things I found.

umbrella-stamp_mediumThis already makes me smile.



It's stamped with this fun stamp set from our friends at Yellow Owl Workshop.

yhst-59246704179273_2120_5877833I think I'm going to order this raincoat by Mau. Yes, it is still grey (well, I wear grey year round anyway), but it's made out of Tyvek, so it's super light and waterproof and  such an unusual material to have fashionable clothing made out of.

Screen shot 2013-03-26 at 5.17.29 PM

And then I will walk through the rain, carrying this amazing umbrella by Brelli, looking up and around, right through the see through plastic .... not minding the April showers at all, since after all they bring ......




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  • I feel much the same about the winter, but April I can cope with as it is the start of the better weather, I hope,I am sure there must be a lot more cases of winter depression this year.

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