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Inspiration Board : Crepe Paper Rope & Tassels from Castle in the Air

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It's no secret we love Karima Cammell of famed crepe paper source Castle in the Air. Remember the amazing tour she gave us of her whimsical shop in Berkeley? She's our go-to source for crepe paper (used in projects here and here). Seeing as she is an incredibly talented artist herself, we asked her to share how she makes the crepe paper rope and tassels below.


crepe paper
Metallic crepe paper
Florist wire
Tacky Glue

Tip: When working with crepe paper it is important to understand the direction of the stretch. Each roll of crepe paper is 20" wide by 8' long. The grain of the crepe runs along the width and the crepe stretches along the length of the roll.

To make the tassels:

1. Cut a 0.5" by 10" strip of gold metallic crepe paper across the grain so that the piece can stretch in length.  Run a thin line of glue along the strip and use it to wrap the florist wire. Cut the wrapped wire into a 4" piece and bend into a loop.
2. Cut a 4.5" by 8" piece of crepe paper across the grain.
3. Fringe the piece of crepe paper, leaving a 0.5" along the edge uncut.
4. Run a line of glue along the uncut edge and wrap the fringe around the loop of wire.
5. Cut a 0.75" x3" strip of gold metallic crepe paper across the grain. Cut the bottom edge with pinking shears. Glue the gold piece to cover the top of the tassel. Trim the tassel to desired length.
For this project we made 4 tassels: 2 peach and 2 turquoise.


To make the rope:

1. Cut two 2" by 20" strips of crepe paper with the grain so that the paper stretches along the short side. Lightly coat one side of each strip with glue and twist to make cords.
3. Wrap the two cords together to make rope. Cut two thin strips of crepe across the grain and glue around the ends of the rope to secure.
4. Thread one end of the rope through the wire loop on the tassel. Secure it by gluing a thin strip of gold metallic crepe paper cut across the grain.

Thanks, Karima!

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  • These are regal! Love them.

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