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Meet : Maricor/Maricar

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A friend sent me an email the other day titled "typography + craft + food" and a link to the new food signage at the Hong Kong International Airport.  Unbeknownst to him, I have been a big fan of these artists for years.


WHO:  Twin sisters Maricor and Maricar Manalo

WHAT:  Graphic Designers, illustrators, animators, and embroiderers extraordinaire of Maricor/Maricar




WHERE:  Sydney, Australia


WHEN:  est. 2010


HOW:  After graduating in 2004 and working separately in print advertising and corporate videos, Maricor and Maricar joined the same design firm and worked together on animation and print projects for musicians.  An animated video clip for the band Architecture in Helsinki led them to create their first embroidered illustrations, and they eventually started their own design studio.

WHY:  Maricor writes, "We only picked up embroidery again for fun not really planning to forge a professional career out of it but we had such a great response to our personal artworks that we began to exhibit them in small group shows before presenting our first solo show of hand embroidered artworks based on misheard song lyrics. These eventually led to our first commercial commissions and it sort of flowed on from there. "


What's next for these talented sisters?

A tote bag illustration for West Elm to celebrate the launch of flagship stores in Sydney, and they will also be taking part in a graphic art fair in London from April 18-28 called Pick Me Up as one of the Selects artists featured.


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