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Behind the Scenes : Super Make It

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I am thrilled to share a project in our May issue from a craft book that I've been working on with my friend Amy Gropp Forbes called Super Make It.  In it we've used a wide variety of materials from the supermarket: cookies, candy and cereal, coffee filters, things you will find in your recycling bin, and more.

Everyday materials, open-ended blank canvases like paper bags and toilet paper tubes, make the most inspiring craft supplies. One of my very favorite things to do when I was a kid was to comb the aisles of supermarkets, hardware, and office supply stores. There weren't craft superstores or…dating myself here…craft websites when I was a kid. Egg cartons, straws and paper plates were what we had to work with!


Our coffee filter water lilies, on page 108 and 110, are an easy flower craft. To create a sweet Mother's Day decoration  scatter the lilies and lily pads down the center of a table.

The book won't be out until 2014 but I hope to share more ideas soon!

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